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Future Oriented Consultant …. Success Comes First

Future Oriented Consultant, since 2011, is a placement, training & outsourcing
consultancy in Durgapur that aims tohelp the Companies meet their business goals by
selecting & placing right professional across various hierarchical levels with
proper training and without any employment responsibilities. We believe that Companies
finding & hiring the right person requires very serious & highly focused
consulting services. We specialize in fulfilling job requirements in various sectors.
We provide objectivity & transparency to both the client Company &
candidate so as to help them develop good understanding.
Our Mission

Our Mission

The commitment to bring world class HR practices to the industry.
The urge to excel.
The need to change the face of HR.
That’s our mission:
Partnering with Customers to offer World-class Integrated HR Management
Partnering with Customers: This is nothing new. Customers are our partners. We have
the opportunity to get deep into the ways of functioning of our customers. Trust comes
first. They trust us with their operations. They trust us with their people. They trust us with
their leaders. We help them become better organizations.
World-class: Best in the industry. With innovation. Customized to your needs.
Integrated: ‘Future Oriented’ that help bring about business goals as well as candidate’s
bright career. That work with business plans. That aid performance.
HR Management : Everything under that helps manage human resource. Setting up HR,
processes, systems, operations.

Our Values

Proactive & professional approach to customers
Receptive to organizational needs
Deliver with integrity
Knowledge & information Sharing
Focused and committed towards excellence

Whatever it takes…


Future Oriented Consultant is focused on enhancing the performance of your organization. We do this by leveraging our very best in talent, tools, and processes in Human Resources.


1/44 Sepco township, DGP-713205 (Corp. Office)

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